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Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Good Thing Anyway

Well ... I've escaped the bakery at last. I have a job as receptionist at a Music store. We sell pianos and other small musical instruments, as well as sheet music. One side of the store is dedicated to all things sewing.

This store has been around since the 50's. I remember passing it in the 70's when I was a kid, with my family in the car on our way to visit my uncle's farm on a sunday afternoon. Our family lived in the nearby city then, coming to this town for days in the country. When we passed the store, my dad always made a joke about it being "our family business", because the name of the store is our last name. Funny, now here I am thirty years later, working as receptionist there.

Next week I begin my official employment, after having spent last week training under the girl who will be leaving. She's taught me what I need to know, and has left me to it. She told me she believes I'll do very well, and I believe her. I know I can do it. I can't wait. I have my own desk and computer. I'm in charge of ordering sheet music and books, and doing all the other receptionist work, as well as taking care of customers at the till. The store has a nice relaxed atmosphere, there aren't crowds of customers, I won't have anyone (boss or co workers) looking over my shoulder, tsking when I make a mistake, making me nervous. I get to dress up, I get to use the office skills I learned as assistant to that flakey realtor, I even get to use the math I learned last year in my upgrading.

I am SO glad to be out of the bakery! That place was a horror show. For the past month it's been hotter than hell around here, and my boss at the bakery turned off the air conditioning! He turned it off as punishment because one of my co workers accidentally left it on all night. She quit in disgust, but the punishment continued. The air conditioner remained turned off, and all of us suffered. Customers complained loudly, food went bad, me and my co workers were irritable and slick with sweat as we tried to do our jobs. In the two months that I worked there, no fewer than eight employees quit. By the time I left, the only original girl was the mean, bossy cavewoman looking one. I imagine she's in her glory now that she's the veteran there. lol.

This summer has been a little bit strange for me. I'm at a place where I'm beginning to feel the need for something to happen, and soon. I have some plans, but don't want to talk about them. I've learned a couple of hard lessons and am trying to make some changes in myself as a result. Building some walls, trying to be cool, stuff like that. I'll say one thing ... I have never met a person that didn't suck. Sorry, I don't mean to insult everyone reading this. And I haven't forgotten that I myself am a human being, therefore I probably suck too.

I don't know how to say what I want to say, there are too many words in my head all trying to come out at once. Too much of everything I guess. I need to fix that.

Anyway ya, I have a great new job. yay.


Blogger B. K. Birch said...

Congratulations Marian! When are you coming back to ARS? We miss you!

8:02 p.m.  

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