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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Houseguest

A couple of weekends ago I birdsat a little lovebird named Cricket. He belongs to my cousin's former wife, who went away on a little holiday. We had the most wonderful time together - me and the little bird. I've been petless since my elderly cat; Catherine - the only pet I took with me when I left x, passed away in my arms just one month after we moved into our little batchelorette pad two years ago. It was nice to have a little living creature in my space again. Someone to welcome me when I got home from work, or to bug me to get up in the morning.

My cousin's wife told me she often lets Cricket out of his cage. Sure enough, as soon as I brought him home, he was banging away at the bars, demanding to be let out! He was just like a kid with a babysitter, I'm sure I let him get away with twice as much as what he is allowed at home! He spent most of the weekend on my head, or climbing all over my body, or prancing around on my keyboard, pecking my fingers as I tried to type. Even when I changed clothes, he stayed on me, moving out of the way as I pulled my shirt over my head, and hopping down through the neck hole or sleeve, clinging to my skin, climbing up over the fresh shirt as I pulled it down over my shoulders. Occasionally he would fly across the room and land somewhere. When he wanted to return to me, he launched himself into the air and flew frantically, aiming right for my face - what a freaky sight!

He actually would come looking for me when I was in another room. I would hear him calling, and then the furious flutter of his wings as he flew across the apartment in search of me. I saw him fly down the short hallway, and actually take the corner. When he saw me in the kitchen, he braked in mid air and turned sharply into the room, landing on my head. He liked to take showers under the running tap. I turned the flow right down so that it was just a little more than a trickle, and he would rush down my arm into the sink. Running back and forth under the water, he looked just like a little kid playing in the sprinkler. Once he got caught in my hair. I was reading in bed, while he amused himself running around on my head. Suddenly I realised it felt like he was caught. I held onto his little body, and rushed into the bathroom to see in the mirror. Sure enough, a thick clump of my hair was wound around his little ankle. I wanted to avoid cutting my hair, but the more I tried to unwind it, the more frightened he became. I was afraid of him having a heart attack, and so I grabbed my scissors and snipped off my hair. Now I have a piece right at the top parting, that is just one inch long, and sticks straight up! I'm able to press it down though, and sort of tuck it under. I suppose it will take about 8 - 10 years before it reaches the length of the rest of my hair.... Anyway, the little bird was saved. I pressed him to my chest so he would be calmed by my heartbeat.

I took a bunch of photographs of him. I got some nice ones. Some of them are posted on my website


Blogger ~TVS said...

Sounds like you had fun. You got some good photos out of it too. I've read that a lot of people get birds without realizing what social animals they are. The birds get depressed and die cooped up in a cage....

8:23 PM  
Blogger Debra Young said...

I had a parakeet a few years ago and he was delightful. He would sing whenever I typed. I'd let him out of his cage so he could fly around the apartment. I'd like to get another one but I've got two cats now.

4:00 PM  

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