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Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Life Has Begun Part 3

this post is continued from the one below:

For the next two weeks, my days drifted from one to the next in a dreamy haze. I was beautifully warm from the California sun, relaxed and feeling beautiful just cause I was with Mike.

He treated me like a princess. He made me the best sandwiches I've ever had, he showed me his art, he washed my hair, he massaged me. We woke up when we wanted, climbed down from the loft and wandered out to the deck to feel the morning sun. We had yogurt for breakfast, out on the deck, sitting on a bench.

I walked on his back. I showed him my art that I'd brought along in my suitcase. We played music together - me on piano, he on guitar. We went to the coast and stayed till after sunset, taking pictures and just sitting on a rock, watching the pounding surf. We fell in love. He invited me to live with him.

After a beautiful two weeks, I returned to Canada to get my affairs in order. I gave myself till the end of the month - three weeks never looked so long. I ended up getting the majority of it done in one day. I was anxious to return to Mike, and didn't want to spend one more minute in Canada than I had to (no offence to Canada, lol).

Mike and I chatted on yahoo every night, as we'd done for years before. It was different, now that we'd met in person. I had more insight than I'd had before. While we voiced, I continued to pack my things, and to take care of stuff online that needed to be changed. I did nothing but tie up loose ends so that I could leave. Within the first week there was nothing left for me to do. We decided I would leave early.

So I did. But I ran into a big snag and ended up having to wait another week.

I stayed with my youngest sister and her family. Some of my stuff was in her garage, my piano was in her computer room. I tied up some new loose ends, and then sunday rolled around. It was time to go again. My mom, two younger sisters, and my young niece drove with me to Bellingham where I boarded the bus. What an incredible feeling to be taking this trip again, only this time it was for good. I wasn't coming back.

So here I am now, living in the sun with the man I love. The man who loves me. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.


Blogger ~Tim said...

I'm very happy for you.

6:28 PM  

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