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Friday, January 26, 2007

Just a Little Note About Nothing Much

In my comments to the post a couple below this one, it was suggested that I should send that post to the local newspaper. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your kind words about my writing (hi Tante Lois!) I'm thinking of sending something to the paper, but unfortunately, letters to the editor have to be shaved down to 200 words, and that would mean removing 600 words! I'm trying, but I don't know if I can do it without totally messing up the point I was trying to make in that piece. I do think it's a great idea though, so I'll work on it.

I have a new client in my home business! I've been hired to design some business cards for a plumber in the States. I'm so excited about it, because it shows that, even though it's very slow, still, my business is moving forward.

Plus ... I have begun to teach myself violin. I've always wanted to play, but never did anything about it. In fact, I hadn't even so much as touched a violin in all my life, until tonight. My oldest sister loaned me two of the violins she had around the house (her kids had learned on them when they were small). Tonight after work, I played for hours on end. The noises I produced were phenominal! lol. If you can imagine a cross between a chicken and electronic feedback.... But I did manage to make a few beautiful sounds, which encouraged me to keep at it. I play piano and harmonica, but have never played a stringed instrument. For the longest time I couldn't figure out how to make more than four sounds (with the four strings). Then I noticed that if I press my fingers down, it makes another note, and finally I realised that if I move my pressed fingers up the neck of the instrument, the notes continually change (duh, lol). So I learned "twinkle twinkle little star" already! It sounds horrendous, but it's a song! I feel quite comfortable at it already. Even though I sound awful at this point, I know that I will soon be playing better. I just feel that it's my thing. So cool.


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